Integrated Management Consultants

Related Sciences, Inc. is a creative approach that integrates all steps involved in the critical path of any project. This outlook enables our clients to have a one-on-one relationship with all phases of the project. By having a greater understanding of the practical solutions, clients can better focus on more options and alternatives to fit their needs.

  • Simplification of the Complete Design Process
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Integrate experience and education with new technology and methods
  • Provides Big Business know-how in small projects
  • Utilize sound principles that are respectful of today’s environmental needs
  • Solving current problems with long term practical solutions
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ReLandscapes, Inc. is an affiliated company supplying general services to agencies, corporations, residences, Homeowners Associations or other entities. ReLandscapes, Inc. can be hired to provide supervision, labor, equipment and materials for projects.

Contact Information
Consultant: Carmine L. Labriola
Phone: 845-277-3777
Fax: 845-277-3778